Living fearlessly with Pure Power!

It took a long time for me to realize is that I am pure power! We all are pure power even if you don't know or tap the power within.  Nothing can stop us from being all powerful but ourselves.  We let others steal or lessen our power by giving them control over us by not believing in our power.  If you believe in your power than nothing can stop you.  You have the power of choice.  Their is always a choice in any situation, that is not the problem, the problem is that we don't like the choices, instead choosing to believe that we don't have a choice.  We do nothing giving our power over to someone or something!

Learning and knowing that you have choices in every single situation that the universe throws your way is true power.  In fact it is so powerful that you can do anything, achieve anything, that you put your mind to.  Yes I am not kidding about how powerful you are, just look around you. There are so many stories about people who over came unbelievable odds to achieve what they were told that they never could achieve.  They knew that they had the power which they used to do miraculous events,  be it feats of great physical power, bravery, or intellectual power against all odds or conventional wisdom. They are just like you and I just being extraordinary really outstanding even though they are just like you and I.  They just did what they knew they could because they understood that they were powerful. 

How can we all be powerful, by just knowing and believing that we have the power. Yes it sounds simple but most of the time simple is the best.  Don't make it complicated, or confusing, hiding the real answer from us.  Pure power is simple, you just have it, everyone has it. Within your being is pure power, your will, to do and be anything.  If you believe in your pure power nothing will stop you.  You will never ever doubt that you can do anything, never ever let anyone tell you that you can't be what you want to be. Let your pure power from within radiate out to the universe for all to feel.

Be aware that when others tell you who and what you are, try to control and categorize you they are stealing your pure power.  They, themselves feel powerless, so they want to control you having power over you.  Watch out for that trap.  Don't let anyone have your pure power, they have their own, they just don't know that we all have pure power.  If you realize that someone is trying to steal your power, to control you, you will be free of them since you are the only one that can give your pure power away.  You have the choice to use your power or to give it to someone else.  Remember that you have the choice, your choice is activation of your power. Use your choice to bring your power into being.   Choice power! Live free to be all that you want, to be powerful as you were meant to be!


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