Living without my laptop

I recently discovered how living without my laptop is not really living at all. I have become completely dependent on the portability and freedom of movement that I have using my laptop while in my home and on the go.  I have a desktop but using it is far more tedious and less convenient because I have a busy toddler running around and my go to machine during the day (and even night) is my laptop.


I am generous with my sweet laptop and sometimes allow my son to watch his favorite DVDs, especially when the idea of watching Sesame Street Dinosaurs for the 10th time in the row makes my head spin. One day a few weeks ago my son was watching a DVD on my machine and I had to run out for an errand, I left my husband in charge and went on my merry way. 


Imagine my surprise and distress when I returned a discovered that my laptop keys were sticky and clearly juice had been spilled on it! Luckily, I have a toughbook so it wasn't destroyed BUT the stickiness of the keys made it close to impossible to get anything done. I had to travel and taking my laptop with me was essential but my usage of the machine was limited. 


When I returned home I tried everything to clean up the keyboard but my efforts only made matters worse. I finally caved and called customer service and arranged to have my laptop repaired. Luckily, this particular repair falls under warranty and the process of sending it out and having it returned only took three days. 


It seemed like the longest three days of my life. During the day I could get little or no work done because I had to watch my son and my desktop is not in an area that enables me to do that effectively. I was able to do a little work during naptime but I have to admit I was very efficient. 


I am happy to report that my beloved laptop has returned but I don't think my son will be watching movies on her anymore. She is mine, all mine and I won't be sharing anymore.


I suppose I am channeling my inner two year old but in this instance, I think she is needed! My laptop is my critical to my business and without her I am lost.



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