Living Your Illuminated Life - Part 2 of 3

Illumination is Hereditary; We got it from my Grandmother

For generations, women have supported and empowered each other. I am
in awe to see the patterns that are passed on from woman to woman, from
generation to generation. This is the time for the change makers to
speak up even louder. It’s the time for women to start a new trend in
our communities, despite what seems popular. One change maker is my

My grandma is 71 years old and is one of the happiest, most content
and loving women I know. She had her first child when she was young and
got married even younger. She learned her independence and strength as
she raised seven kids despite poverty, the early death of her husband,
and braving the current of standing up for herself during a time that
didn’t fully accept independent women. She saw my young adult self and
told me that it’s okay for me to stick up for myself. As she held up
her arm with her fist clenched in a graceful, powerful way and looked
at me when she said “You don’t have to let anyone push you around. You
make your decisions.” She shared with me her story of breaking through
barriers and I suddenly saw where my mother got it. My grandma had that
same gift of creating miracles out of “nothing. “

The thing I most admire about my grandma is she knows who she is and
she owns it. She finds joy in the simplest things – the things that
really matter. It’s not about the house, cars, money or “what you do.”
To her it’s about who you are, what you do for others and how much you
love the people in your life. She is proof that living an illuminated
life is easy.

Living an illuminated life can begin when you least expect it. Just
when you think you have hit your rock bottom and you have that tiniest
spark of a new possibility. Illumination that was there all along is

Part 3: Illumination Can Happen When You Least Expect It


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