Liza interview part 1-Liza a president in waiting

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Culture Kitchen Publisher and writer Liza Sabater,
talks to VITA on life in the politically charged
blogsphere world.



How many women are using your website as a
resource for political information and as a
means of activism for them? Does Culture Kitchen
know the breakdown of how many women are regularly
accessing the site?(Geographical socio economic
and age)

That is hard to tell... I honestly do not take
women or men's user names at face value because,
on the 'internet' nobody knows really knows. In
addition, I have found this to be true on blogs,
not so much on email lists. There is an aspect of
email lists that gives a certain level of real
'intimacy that propels even anonymous bloggers
to use pseudonyms or even their real names.

I cannot give you specifics for these questions
because I do not ask those questions. I am more
interested in how people reach my blog semantically
because it gives me an idea of the psycho demo-
graphics of the people reading us.

Most people who stumble upon our site are
not looking for political information. On
the contrary, they may be looking for the
latest on a variety of topics: pop culture,
education, movies, recipes, midwifery.

That is because "culturekitchen" is not a
blog about women's issues. Most of our writer’s
feminist practices inform their critical analysis
of culture and politics in a blog.

People that hit our site, on purpose do so because
they seek more than the academic does 'SHE SAID,
SHE SAID' of most feminist blogs. (or broad sheet
media for that matter)....

People who stumble upon our site by accident do
so because they were looking either for p..n
or for the latest gossip. Those are the ones I
am most interested in because if I see in my
traffic logs that any number of these people
stayed long enough to read more than one article.

Then I feel we have accomplished our mission of
providing a critical eye to the issues (and
trends) of the day.

What are the issues that are paramount and are
consistent over the time you have been involved
with grass roots activism particularly for women?


On women's issues, we consistently have been
involved with causes around reproductive rights.
Here is a good example


What impact do you see the Culture Kitchen website
having for women accessing information and being
empowered to have a voice?

Do you see the impact of change happening via the
use of your website as a way for women to have a

How is this impacting and changing the status
for women?


Some of my readers are mothers I meet at soccer or
at gym events involving my children. I have had
friends who have thanked me for the site because,
as one of them said to me, "you help me make sense
of all information that's bombarded to me from TV
and newspapers".

I am not just a blogger or online pundit. I am a
real person and a real mom who helps people to
understand politics by parsing the spin from the
facts. Yet, on a more personally political
level, I am probably one of a handful of '
minority' women who are prominent in the US

I also came to prominence outside of the clique
of candidate and Capitol Hill bloggers that are
now considered the 'big blogs sites'. Therefore,
it means a lot to my readers that I am a Puerto
Rican black woman over 40 with influence in the
political blogosphere; shattering the conceit
that said blogosphere is male. That is All white,
all under 30 and all upper class.

Just by being here,I help make a difference

More later from LIZA shaking the cage in the
blogher world

A world where women speak and are heard!!



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