Local People in Prague

Soft and surreal exhibit@ Czech Photo Gallery. Per usual its the people that give the eye a reprieve; this man in the boat appears to have a soul living outside as well as in...Wagner








I'm only slightly surprised at how much softer the emotional environs feel here in Prague; as usual, the myths I'd grown up with appear to disappear with each new address. Random acts of kindness seem to happen all the time here in Bohemia.

The other day I bought a large and heavy wooden easel along with a couple of large sheets of cardboard. No worries, I don't delude myself into thinking I can draw but I do like to map out projects on a large canvas to help me concentrate, it helps to draw and doodle, to work out issues and conundrums; doodling inspires creativity and distracts the mind in the most positive way. Amsterdam was small, here, I need more space.

So there am I, standing outside, trying to navigate the large pieces. My ideas might be fine but implementation can present a problem. I tried to tuck the large layers underneath my arms, on top of my head; my feet are so large I generally have great balance but no, even with Prague's broad avenues I'd be a burden to others. I put them down, knowing a taxi would take forever so I just stood there, glaring at them; as if willing the items to walk home on their own.

Then along came a student and she asked if I could help. I said, no, really, it's at least a 1/2 hour walk home and she said, "no problem, tell me, I want to help you." She had strawberry blond hair, petite in frame with a red wool coat tied casually just beneath her breast. She had large teeth that lived nicely within a wide smile with an open, inviting face with curls randomly tucked on top. She was to meet her boyfriend in several hours and had all the time in the world.

I looked at her, so young and innocent, feeling guilty wondering why some people touch us like this. I shook my head, laughed and said thanks a dozen times, loading them on top of one another, picking up one end, encouraging her to pick up the other which she did with ease. 

To be humbled feels wonderful, especially by youth. I invited her in for tea, she took her shoes off as they do here.....we talked about the recent student protests here in Prague. She is hopeful and optimistic the State will fix the problem. I thought of the young kids that knocked on those doors in Seattle when I way staying with a friend on a biz trip years ago in Seattle.  This place is civilized, more than most in which I've lived. 

They'll take it until they don't....we'll see....



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