Local Travel: Santa Barbara & Los Olivos

Did you know that ALL 50 states grow wine?  (According to this article on TIME, North Dakota was the last holdout, who gave in in 2002.)

There are signs in Connecticut, my home state, that advertise the Connecticut Wine Trail.  It links together the 10 or so wine producing farms in the tiny state.  (Most of the wine is fruit wine, made from raspberries and strawberries and the like.)

Every time my dad saw the signs, he’d yell in a loud, nasal voice, “It’s the whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine trail!”

And there would be giggling, or scowling, depending on which side of 13 his kids were at the time.

Santa Barbara County is the closest major wine growing region to Los Angeles, so we went up there Sunday with our friend Dante, to celebrate our recent engagement.

A lot of the signs for the national forest advertised it as “The Land of Many Uses.”  How… diplomatic.

Stunning vistas.

First stop: Roblar Winery!

The Roblar Cab Franc was the best red; their plot-specific Sauvignon Blanc was the best white, but for over $30 a bottle, we didn’t buy it.

Gorgeous chandelier and rotunda at Roblar.

I want this fireplace.  That mantle was about 10 feet off the ground!

Then we had lunch at the Los Olivos Grocer, which is apparently protected by the ferocious Scrappie and Patches.

Downtown Los Olivos was painfully quaint, and had something I was very familiar with.  A flagpole in the middle of the main intersection.  Do small towns everywhere do this?  Or just in New England?

The road back to Santa Barbara was stunning.

A nice dairy farm.

This place is heavenly.  And expensive.  But heavenly.

Have you discovered your state’s wineries?




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