Location, Location, Location

Ok, group.  I have this down to three locations, each with their own catch.


  1.  The Mill Bistro: on the seawall in downtown Van, under the stairs that lead down to the kid's spray park along the seawall.  This is my ideal.  They have a LARGE patio, they are casual and inexpensive, they serve beer and they are an arm's reach from the spray park.  Which means we could actually have a DRINK and TALK while the kids that are coming had somewhere to play.  The cons are that they don't at all ever take reso's and they are at their peak around 2, which is the time-frame I was shooting for.  I spoke to the GM (who is really sorry he can't reserve us a spot) and he's said that if we choose them, that coming before 1 would more or less guarantee us space.  They'll do everything they can to help us out, if that's how we go.
  2. Starbucks on Robson and Thurlow: The big one on the west side of the street, not the one under Red Robin.  It's big enough for all of us, indoors with loads of seating, totally skytrain/bus accessible, central and cheap.  Definite back-up plan.  I'll need to warn them soon if we're coming, though.
  3. My husband's joint: He's offered to open on Saturday day for us, meaning we can bring all the kids we want, show up in jeans and wife-beaters, and do whatever the hell we want.  It's even more skytrain accessible than Starbucks, and also sea bus accessible for you North Shore kids.  The catch is that it's kind of pricey.  They do have lunchish fare and appetizers and a full bar and what-not, but it's certainly not Starbucks. *edited to add: He tells me that they DO have lunch stuff, and that his secretary is going to call me this week with an idea of a menu for us.  So there's that.
  4. TBD: I have two more leads that I have to go down to visit tomorrow.  I'll have a solid maybe by then for you all.

So, those are your options.  I'll going to make a concrete decision by Tuesday, so please leave your input as to time and location! Thanks, and can't wait to see you all! 



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