Location Applications for the iPhone - Making Life Easier

As an iPhone user I have noticed that the amount of applications in the iTunes store grows daily. I like games here and there but I'm a bit more practical - I like tools that will help me actually save time and make life easier.

The greatest growth in the iPhone applications is definitely going to come with
Location Based Services. The GPS tool in the iPhone 3G has the potential to
actually help you do something with your phone besides your email, games or

Here's a great list I found on Mashable.com of some of those navigation app's.
My favorite has been zhiing. zhiing is 4 or 5 steps faster than using Map Quest
or Google Maps and the format it come in to my iPhone is outstanding.

Quick tutorial on zhiing:

1. Download it from it iTunes store (it's free) or the zhiing website.

2. Download it to use with your desktop browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome)
The browser portion is powerful and really saves you time - my favorite way to use actually. You will save 3 or 4 steps over using Map Quest or Google Maps. With Map Quest you can't carry it on your phone you have to go to the website - do all the typing.

3. If you want someone else to know your location to meet you send them a text
message with zhiing and they get the location. If they are not on GPS smartphone
they will still get turn by turn directions as text messages.

I have seen Loopt and Brightkite but they are not practical for me - I don't have a people I want
to follow around in that way and my privacy is important to me (maybe my age is showing here). When I travel I don't want to spend all day looking up the directions. My iPhone is always with me and therefore this tool is a huge help.

I'm really looking foward to kind of tools are going to be developed for the GPS portions of the iPhones
and Smart Phones. I'm getting ready to take a road trip across the country in January (to the inauguration) and my iPhone with zhiing on it is coming with me. We also have a Dash (in car GPS unit) that is going to be huge help.

I'll be blogging about my road trip here and letting you know how technology aided us on the trip.



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