Locus of Control -Part I

DLast week I shared with you that I was starting a new series on my blog about locus of control. I wanted to dig into this topic because it plays a critical role in health and well-being.

So what is locus of control? It is a belief, or theory, that people place responsibility for behavior on either themselves or outside factors. Generally, individuals are described as either having an internal or external locus of control. A person with an internal locus of control believes they have control over events in their life.  A person with an external locus of control believes that events in their lives happen as a result of factors beyond their control.  Some individuals exhibit both traits.

One of the ways I see this play out in my coaching practice is how clients handle the success of meeting their goals.   Some clients believe they have the ability to make a goal reality by reducing or eliminating external factors.  Others will believe that they can only meet a goal if outside influences align in a way that allows for their success.

So there you have the basic concept of locus of control. Which one are you? If you're interested in taking a quick assessment to see which one you are, click here.

Come back next week to learn how having an internal or external locus of control affects your health and well-being.

Best wishes for a healthy week!


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