Logan's Run & Closing Ceremonies

"God, anthems are windy!", my husband Jay said as we were watching the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. I had my nose glued to Geekologie on the laptop, so I wasn't really paying attention and said, "is that Oh Canada again? Why is everyone wearing white?" Apparently, Jay had brought this to my attention earlier, but I hadn't heard. (Geekologie is enthralling.) The ceremony had turned over to the Sochi handoff, so everyone in the audience had to throw on their white tarps. He said it looked like a scene from Logan's Run, and he was just waiting for the 30 year olds to start flying through the air to be shot down by the Russians. We gathered the kids into the living room to watch, because I had read on some news site that there was going to be an "innovative hand off", and I couldn't imagine what it was going to be. My new question, how the hell did they get thousands of people to put on a paper poncho without us seeing it on a live broadcast? Oh the magic of television. Second question, if the tickets for the closing ceremonies are thousands of dollars, why are the ponchos paper?

"Hey kids, look at the Russians! The Russians are coming", Jay said, and all I saw was a lip syncing opera singer and glowing people. The kids were comparing it to Hell Boy, and I am still waiting for my innovation. Oh, Neil Young!!!!! I love Neil Young. My closing ceremonies just got better. The fires went out, Shat spoke to inspire us all, and Oh Canada, we love your celebrities.

The Winter Olympics were, to say the least, exciting. Honestly, I was a bit obsessed with watching them. I was staying up into the wee hours of the morning watching Aerial Skiing, and the hot chicks of Curling. Mostly hot chicks, there was one that was, in my opinion, way to old to be in the games from Sweden. Also, watching anything Swedish is just fodder for Jay, so we sat up while he made jokes that allowed him to say "Hurdy Gurdy". I was rooting for China, and they took the Bronze. I've decided that I want to learn to curl, and I think I could definitely be a cross country skier. Oh my Olympic dreams. My name is Kara, and I'm not Canadian, but I love Michael J. Fox.


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