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One common definition of loneliness is that it is the feeling we get when our need for this type of contact is not met. Loneliness can have a significant impact on your mental health. It can contribute to mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression. According to my experience, it is under a sky studded with billion of stars where one sees man’s most ancient companion that is loneliness, which is as clear as a day. When you watch a movie where Sinbad soars into the skies on his magic carpet along with the good fairy, and then he stops in mid-air, and the black and white image erupts into gold, and then suddenly, in one swoop of an instant, you get hurled from beautiful fantasy to ugly reality. Through this example, one can easily discover that the entire human culture has its roots in loneliness. The cinema industry, the art industry, in fact the whole of human civilization is carved out of the desire to escape from loneliness. Mankind is like a child who is trying to outrun his shadow, but is doomed to fail. The answer to loneliness is in loneliness. One should replace alcoholism with workoholism. One should stop running from loneliness. I have another experience: One day, dawn was breaking. It was the sound of falling flowers on the stone outside that woke me up. Enchanted by the falling flowers and the magical moment, I tiptoed towards the tree and stood under it, looking up. As I gazed at the canopy of flowers above me, inhaling its fragrance, the tree released a flower upon my person. It fell on my face softly, like an affectionate friend touching my cheek. Suddenly, my sense of stone-like isolation melted, and all the years of loneliness with it. It dawned on me that I am a part of this stream of life that changes continuously and relentlessly. I was never separate from it.  While you are in trouble with what is happening, you should look up at the sky, and it is here that the feeling of complete isolation and separation from the rest of life around you will come to you, and you will feel that the universe above you is with you, and you will have a great relief. One should always remember that he/she is a part of this continuous stream of life, and, thus, there is no loneliness in life. One is never separate from it, because everyone is LIFE.

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