Long Distance relationship, Does it really work?

Long Distance Relationship, Does it really work?

            They say that having a long distance relationship with someone doesn’t really work out. From my perspective I don’t find it true, because if you love one another no matter how far you are if you have loyalty, trust, faith and all the elements that you must have to keep those flames alive your relationship will definitely work. No all people that are living close to one another like living on the other street (you know what I mean) really worked there relationship, sometimes those who are in this kind of situations (long distance relationship) are those people that die for the sake of saving the relationship and I bow to those people not only on those who are in LDR but to those who really appreciate their partners that if they leave they will feel that half of their world are like total blown out like a massive typhoon was there and destroy all the things there anyways, having a relationship long distance or not if you to both worked for that and keep that flame alive and love each other unconditionally, I’m 100% sure that you too will have a healthy relationship. And a little tip sex is a big thing to heat it up more relationships, 101% sure of that. Hahaha!


My only advice to those people who are in this kind of relationship is that never ever lose your trust to your partner, cause if you are in this relationship you really should work on that aspect because if you two are lacking in this element you will lose everything that you had planned too and that will be the saddest part, you two should really work as a couple as a team, because this relationship is not like when your partner is around and always near you, that when you two are in fight you talked things out and after that you two cuddle, make out, etc. But you are in this situation you also talked things out BUT no cuddle, no make outs (maybe make outs in txt? Haha. I dunno), or maybe Sexting, HAHAHA!


But you know, what’s the best thing in this is that when you see each other and you’re like together it’s like the most wonderful feeling you’ve ever felt cause the feeling of neediness in each other’s arms, that you don’t need to talk when you are sitting close to each other just because of the overwhelming feelings that are beside him/her that is the most magical feeling ever! Trust me I’m in this kind of relationship too, And also the feeling that when you are looking into his/her eyes and you said the L word, speechless the feeling is remarkably amazing, the sincerity, the love, the affection, everything! It’s just wonderful.

Loving someone is the most wonderful feeling ever, yet it is one of the most painful. So if you really love someone no matter how far he/she is, love them with all your heart make them feel that they are the most wonderful person that ever come into our lives. Love is not measured how far you are from each other, as long as you two keep on loving and not minding  what other people had been telling,  prove to them that they are wrong and you two can stand those problems that will be coming your way.

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