A Long Road {the end and the beginning}


During the year we planned for Tadesse to come to the USA, every door opened after hours and months of hard work and many questions. Two years later I look back to see where God gave us blind love, so raw, so pure to connect us to this child in need. It's indescribable even now but we gave it all to God trusting that he would use us to change a life. Often people compliment us on being so amazing and what I wish I could say is this. We are far short of amazing. Instead I would love for others to see us as obedient, answering the call to adopt which lead us to Ethiopia, our daughter, Tadesse, engaging others in the needs of vulnerable children and now to dedicate our voice to the least of these.  This all happened and is still happening at a time where God was breaking us all the way down in order to build us back up to be His. We are far from amazing and in fact in managing five little lives all so unique in their needs, has shown us every mole, scrape and stretch mark others would care never to see. Truth be told we wonder daily if we can stay the course to see all this through. On the days when we have felt like we can't we trust that God can.

There are few words to express the exhuberent joy I felt as I listened to those in the audience sniffle as he talked. The computer failed at one point and he pressed on making everyone laugh about how they would be OK. His gold stoll slid off his gown and the microphone, all new to him, began to give feedback, and still he pushed on. He is a survivor and a servant and after the talk a woman walked up and said, " Are you his family? " I nodded as I was wiping tears and then she said. " he has no idea how much he just blessed everyone in this room today."  I smiled and nodded. "And that is exactly what all of this the last few years has been about. We are called to bless the one so he or she may bless another, " I said. Funny thing is that saying yes to the hard richly blesses us more than we can know until God carries us through it and sees His plan through to the end or perhaps a stunning new beginning...

When I met Tadesse just four years ago I could have never dreamed that he would be sharing God's great work in his life in front of hundreds of people at his high school chapel ceremony in the USA. In just two weeks he will wear his cap and gown again to walk across the stage to accept his degree. This chapter is nearly over with the new and intriguing road of college just ahead.



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