The Longest Weekend in a Very Long Time or How We Did More With Less

I did something this weekend that I have not done since I was in my early 20s.

I did not spend a dime.

Not one penny even.

Due to some bad accounting I created a bit of a cash crunch in the old checking account. This coupled with the fact that I've started to have a bad case of consumer guilt lately lead me to not just transfer some money around and go on. But instead I did what I did in the good old days when I had no money - I just laid low and did things that didn't cost anything.

We watched TV. Read books we already had. Watched movies we'd already seen. Ate food that was already in the fridge or the pantry. Drank the white wine instead of getting more red. Tried to teach FuzzyHead to ride the tricycle we already owned. Cleaned up the yard and cut our own grass. Sat in my driveway and took pictures of the sky.

All of which was free of charge.

The amazing part is that even with the loss of an hour it seemed like the longest weekend I've had in many years. Lately I've been nostalgic for how long and relaxing weekends used to seem. How Sunday afternoon used to stretch on forever. I thought was the lack of kids or responsibilities that made it seem that way in the past. Now I'm starting to realize it's the endless running around. The over-planning. The shopping.

Quicken tells me that I am (on average) $387 richer than I would be if this had been a normal weekend. If I had gone out to eat, swung into Target for no good reason, bought the bottle of red, acquired unneeded Easter decorations, let the rainy Saturday talk me into a new Wii game.

I feel kind of proud for managing it. Ashamed at how many times I had to stop myself. Hopeful that I'll be able to maintain at least a portion of the spirit of the thing now that that check I was waiting for came through.

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