Look! I drew you a beautiful lady. Isn't he terrifying?

She's coming for you, SissyI was drawing pictures with my nephew the other day and inadvertently drew a portrait so frightening, so upsetting, it's beginning to haunt my sister's dreams.  Behold.

Sometimes, in the spirit of being Carefree and Creative, I will draw a squiggly line and see where it leads me.  Nine times out of ten it leads somewhere shiteous, of course, as it most certainly did in this case.  I suppose the drawing went all kinds of downhill the moment I added the lipstick and hoop earrings.  And then there's the green hair.  Why'd I have to get so flashy?

I think Sissy must be afraid to throw it away, since today she forwarded this picture to me with the caption, This mofo is entering my dreams. 

Sorry, sister.  But you do have to admit, he's a handsome woman, is he not?


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