Look within and love yourself

It’s really easy – and understandable – to look “out there” for signs that we’re lovable. And that, too often, has our self-image dependant on whether someone else bought a “good” gift for us or whether they remembered to call or whether they’re tuned into what would make us most happy. And that – quite frankly – is not right.

A more accurate, and a more powerful, view is to look within – to look within you with love and compassion and graciousness – and to make note of all the lovable characteristics about yourself.

I recently challenged myself to do this. I tend to have this running dialogue in my head about how I’m not doing enough as a wife, how I don’t spend enough time with my kids, how I’m falling short of my business goals, etc., etc., etc.

I knew this wasn’t an empowering set of conversations swirling around in my mind, so I decided to see if I could shake it up and instead focus on what I was doing well. I was nervous to try it. I spent 15 minutes each day for one week writing about how well I fulfilled each of the roles in my life. I was afraid that I’d turn this into an assessment and clearly see all the ways I wasn’t living up to what I thought I should be. Yet, I had myself do it. I told myself that I could only write about all the things I was handling, all the things I figured out for myself and others, all the positive actions I took, all the progress I made – and none of the short-comings, and all the ways in which I enjoyed how I was being and looking at the world.

I wrote pages. Every day. I was astonished.

You would be too. There is SO MUCH that you’re taking care of in really loving ways, and you’re not even fully present to it all.

Try it. Even for just a few minutes today. Write down what you love and enjoy about yourself. Look within and love yourself.


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