Look Younger-It's Worth The Effort!

For some reason, I feel compelled to share my tips to look 10 years younger on a good day, 5 years younger on a bad day.  Is it easy?  HELL. NO.  It's a battle against gravity that I will eventually lose big time but, for now, I surprise people when they find out I'm a Nai Nai (I refuse to go by the "G" word) and they discover my kids are grown.  So, for what it's worth, here is the real down low on what I do to try and look younger, which in turn helps me feel younger.  Age really is just a number and you CAN make a difference if you choose to.   Yes, I'm 54 but I feel so much younger, especially when I slap on a smile and get enough sleep.

First, let's talk weight-everyone's favorite topic.  I was heavy early in life but have been steady for years at an average weight.  No doubt that carrying that extra weight will make you look older and have less energy.  I still remember what it's like to carry 50 pounds around that I didn't need or want.  Depressing for sure.  If you can maintain a healthy weight for your height, that will help you look younger.  Being too skinny or losing a lot of weight = droopy skin.  I go to the gym and hate every minute of it.  I do 30 minutes of treadmill and some weight machines almost every day.  Is that enough?  Not by a long shot.  I try to do 40-60 minutes or more of fast walking too.  Sitting at a desk is death.  If you have an office job, try to at least get a desk that you can stand at to increase motion.  Take the stairs, park the car far away in the parking lot, etc.  You can find time to watch TV, you can find time to exercise.  NO EXCUSES. 

Next, sun.  It's bad for you.  Stay out of it.  Always.  Instead, use product like Jergens Natural Glow to look like you have a tan.  Just remember to always wash your hands after applying or you will be wearing gloves to cover your funky hands.  Keep that skin soft and moisturize liberally--all day and night.  I have always used Clinique products and use their Dramatically Different Lotion during the day and Youth Surge Night every night.  There are so many beauty products on the market claiming miracles that it can be so confusing-find a good brand and use it.  Liberally.

Clothes make the woman.  Absolutely and no doubt.  While you need to be "age appropriate" and not look like you are trying to be a teenager again, it doesn't mean you need to wear "mommy" jeans or "gma" panties.  I know not everyone can afford designer clothes so look for sales online/in malls or shop at Goodwill/Salvation Army and look for the good stuff.  I'm a bargain shopper so I look everywhere for the deals and hardly ever spend more than $100 for an outfit.  My top brands to find well-fitting, trendy clothes (always buy the size that fits--tight is not pretty and loose is not appealing) are:  Banana Republic/Gap, Anthropologie, 6PM.com, Nordstrom Rack, Michael Kors, Silver jeans, Lucky Brand for tops and jeans.  Cover those legs if they aren't your assets.  My thighs are thick even at my thinnest so short skirts are out and always have been for me.  So sad-I'm glad my daughter takes after my tall husband and can show off her legs.  Wear heels to give you height and lift your ass--yes, heels hurt but they do make you strut with style.  Carry some flats in your bag in case you have to walk far and always have band-aids ready.  Finally, padded/uplift bras showcase the ladies, Spanx works and thongs are sexy. Done.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!  Be bold in your selections.  Scarves are great if they are on trend but otherwise they will make you look old.  Bold jewelry makes a statement-I love the statement necklaces.  Here's a hint--those visual merchandisers know their stuff so go to your favorite store, see what's on the mannequin and buy the whole damn outfit including accessories.  I know fashion can be confusing and many people can't pull together a cool outfit.  That's why they pay people to do it in the stores who know what they are doing.  Use their expertise!


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