Looking Behind the New Childlessness Numbers

professional womenTaking my last post further, let's look behind why nearly 20 percent of women end their child bearing years without biological children, double what it was in 1976.

Cindy Krishner Goodman in her article in the Miami Herald ferrets out this trend succintly. It reveals "a generation of women who are not necessarily choosing career over kids but rather finding that time has passed and their focus has been elsewhere. Women are starting businesses in record numbers, advancing in corporate arenas, and blazing career trails in male-dominated industries. They are the bulk of people getting advanced degrees and they are getting married later in life. Many of these women say they are happy, fulfilled and some are juggling as many time demands as me, a mother of three. Others have come to peace with their life's path."

From what I see out there having tracked many childfree women, most come to this decision over time, as life choices present themselves re career and relationship. The levels of desire to have a child change. But I do see that women who ultimately do not have them, overall did not ever have a strong desire to have a child. It was not so much about "when" but "whether" and as time went on they realize the burning desire to change their lives is just not there.  There are these women and then those that decide as they hit their 40s it is time. The latest numbers seem to indicate a rise in this trend.

The stereotype of a childfree women is also often one that pictures someone with lots of free time and disposable income. It is just not true.  Like Goodman's piece, we have demands like everyone else, and come from all income levels.  We lead full lives, just ones in which parenthood is not the central focus.


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