Looking For Bloggers

I am the new Social Media/Blog Community Manager for Zooka Creative.  One of my first steps is to build a group of bloggers interested in reviews of products and/or services.  I would love to have you all join me!  For now the program has been called the Zooka Blogger Network and by signing up you are committing to nothing other than possible being contacted by me.

Zooka Creative is a small, nimble, and ferocious marketing firm promoting 100% consumer based product. Some of our clients include Jamba Juice, Eye-Fi, and The Dial Corporation (Purex, Renutzit, Soft Scrub, got2be, Citre Shine, Coast, Tone, Right Guard).

If you are interested in signing up for the Zooka Network you can go here.  Purex is also looking for "Purex Insiders" and they have some AMAZING products coming out to make laundry easier for people.  If you are interested in becoming a Purex Insider you can go here.

Thanks guys!  I figured this would be a great group to tap because who doesn't want free stuff that you would actually use?


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