Looking at Fat Hate in Children's Books

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[Editor's note: Katie recently featured a guest post on her blog Health for the Whole Self by McKella from Handprint Soul. Have you ever stopped to think about how children's books depict body image? If you haven't this post will definitely have you looking at some of your favorite children's books in a new light. - Karen]

Through the Eyes of a Child: A Look at Fat Hate in Children’s Books

Some of these characters are mean, but all of them are portrayed as dumb, gluttonous, cowardly, obsessed with food and ugly, or at least unattractive.

Fat portrayal is the flip side of thin portrayal in the media. The heroes are thin and therefore smart, courageous, likeable, complex, and good. Fat characters, if not the villain, support the main character and provide a backdrop to make the protagonist appear even better by comparison. No one wants to be the fat character, because fatness is made to seem wrong. Kids may learn to think that fat people have no self-control and are dumb or gross, especially if their parents think this way.

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