Looking To Getaway?

Looking to getaway?  Getting away from the everyday stresses of work and life in general is necessary for our well being.  Making time for rest and relaxation is very important for a healthy lifestyle.  However, getting away doesn’t mean you have to compromise your fitness routines and healthy lifestyle.  Often times, we go on vacation to get away from it all, even our healthy lifestyle.  Don’t cheat on your fitness!  A healthy lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle.  Exercise and eating right should be something we do all the time, not for a time being.  Any time I get away, I always make sure it fits into my lifestyle.  I always make sure there are good healthy restaurant options as well as a fitness center or somewhere to continue my exercise routines.  I wanted to share with you all my husband and I’s weekend getaway.

This weekend we had a blast at Flat Creek Lodge.  Located in Swainsboro, Georgia, it is one of the best times I have had in a long time.  I like to be and stay active, and I had no problem doing that there.  I was happy I got to continue my fitness routine and training for the 5K my family and I are going to run on 31 March.  I was able to run around the property no problem.  And it is a huge property, hence why we were provided with golf carts to navigate our way through it.  Some of the activities you could do there were hunting, fishing, biking, exercise and running.  Ladies, they also had a spa that offered all sorts of services (the ones I enjoyed the most was the hot tub and the sauna).  When not out doing activities, my husband and I hung out in the game room shooting pool where they also had a bar.  The cottage we stayed in allowed you to fish off of the back porch.

Let me tell you about the food!  They also had a fine dining restaurant on the property as well.  The food was so fresh.  It was remarkable how good the food was.  The lodge actually had the chef living on the property!  They made their own cheeses too which made for delectable mac and cheese (husband can vouch for that).  I am a stickler about what I eat, and had no problem finding good healthy choices on the menu especially since the quality and freshness of the food was on point.

We meet some wonderful people working and staying there.  The staff was the friendliest staffs I have ever encountered and service was exceptional!  Also, I have to let you know that we got a package deal through Groupon and we hear they will be offering another in or around May so just FYI.  Would totally recommend staying in the cottages.  And if you go, ask about the Japanese Bath House….it’s for adults only.  That is all I am going to say about that one.

But remember a vacation or getaway is for a break from the hustle and bustle.  We must continue on with our lifestyle.  Health and fitness is everyday.

Till Next Time….eat healthy and move :)


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