Lookout! Anything is Possible

We are constantly thinking, editing, reacting, planning, pondering and changing; we are busy being.  Sometimes we judge ourselves more harshly than we judge other people.  You know the drill, we don't give ourselves a break and we really focus on what we don't like.  This reinforces self limiting beliefs which lead us to be afraid or reluctant to make changes in our lives.  When we turn our negative talk around, we open ourselves up to possibilities. 
Change "I don't want" to "I want" or "I intend".
Change "I can't afford" to "I choose".
Change "I'm struggling with" to "My opportunity is now".
Change "What if I can't?" to "I envision . . . ".
Changing our negative self talk makes us less passive and puts our focus on action.  New attitudes lead to new behaviors and then look out!  Anything is possible.
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