Looks Like Those Whacky Duggars May Be At It Again!

It appears that the Duggar family is not opposed to the idea of adoption. Because, apparently, they don't have nearly enough children. I just read this article on People.com which states that old Jim Bob and Michelle, who currently have 19 little Duggars running around the house, aren't opposed to adoption. And yes, it does NOT say "We're adopting!" I'm sure that nugget of info will be saved for the premier of the next season of 153 Kids and Counting next year. Right now, the new season starts with the oldest Duggar offspring and his wife expecting their third little Duggar. Are you ready for the name of the season premiere?? Duggars Do Asia. How ironic! The whole family takes a trip overseas to China and while they were there, they visited an orphanage. And saw the number of orphaned babies and children and were moved. 

Don't get me wrong, I think it's wonderful that they have brought so many mouths to feed into this already overcrowded world. I'm sure there is a TON of love in that house. I applaud their love for one another and I also appluad their visit to the orphange. What a perfect scenario for them! I'm being completely honest here when I say that the Duggars adopting an orphaned child, hell, a multitude of orphan children, is the perfect solution to everyone's problems! Then Jim Bob and Michelle can continue to raise children, which is obviously what they love to do, and the orphaned children of China will have a warm, loving home in which to live and grow. It really is a win-win(win-win-win-win-win-win) situation.

I'm being serious here when I say that if they have the means to do so, they should. They'll wait for God's word on the subject and if they are so moved by God to adopt, that's what they will do. I just hope they do it before she gets pregnant with yet another baby. Truly, how much can one uterus take? How much can it withstand before it literally falls out of her body and runs off a cliff? Hell, mine just did at the mere thought of having another baby. 

If the family continues to grow, however, they may have to change the name of the television network on which their show currently appears. It's now on TLC but if they continue to grow, it'll have to be changed to TDC (The Duggar Channel, all Duggars, all the time).


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