Looney Tunes and Cartoons of Today

I am a longtime fan of Looney Toons cartoons. My favorite character of course is Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam. I watched as a child , okay so now you have a good idea of my age , but to this day they are enjoyable for children and adults.

Bugs Bunny was first born in New Jersey in 1938 by a gentleman named Max Hare. He had been in some of the Disney cartoons. Bugs has a Bronx accent  but what I find most fascinating is the how the cartoon was created  . Todays cartoons are filled with ineundos and really not for children. The cartoons of today are like robots . There heads don't move and I don't think the characters are funny.

Even back in the fifties they producers of Looney toons censored the shows so that children could watch and enjoy the show.  But todays shows content seems to be more believable to children and the shows seem to cater to adults.

Looney Toons is a safe show for children to watch. Any child that watches the show would know not to do the things that are in the show. The antics are so silly that childen just laugh and  know it is not to be taken seriously .   I am not an advocate of watching to much television, but I do think it can be a special treat to watch cartoons from yesteryear and really enjoy a special treat.


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