Loose Wedding Rings

As I showered yesterday, I looked down and noticed that one part of my stomach bulges to the left and the lower roll bulges to the right.  I poked myself, but didn't gain information as to why the bulges on the rolls do what they do.  They're odd looking.  I tried to suck in my gut, but it didn't really suck in much.  They made me contemplate the benefits of sit ups, but then I got out of the shower, dressed, and completely forgot about the sit ups.  :)

I'm still losing weight and my scale says I may have entered the healthy BMI zone, but I'm not completely relying on my scale.  Nor should I be.  My body is SO much healthier looking than before, but it's still got plenty of flubber that keeps me from being a healthier person.  I pretty much think that if I just started exercising again on a consistent basis, then I'd be quite content with where I'm at.  I'd be at a healthy weight (assuming I dropped a couple more pounds) and I'd actually feel fit and strong.  I'm not feeling particularly fit nor strong, though I'm not feeling horrible un-fit, just kinda average (for a location in which few are actually fit).

The things I've placed higher on the priority scale have been sleep and knee mellowness.  I try to get at least eight hours of sleep a night and that makes it hard to get to the gym early.  I've also been waiting for my knee to heal - and you know...my knee is doing okay.  My foot still hurts frequently, but my knee is feeling fine in the midst of regular life.  So, one of these days, perhaps I'll start getting more active.

But for now, I enjoy that my wedding rings are loose and semi-easily pull off even when I'm feeling bloated.  It makes me feel like I'm cleaning out some of the fat inside that my organs will be happier to live without.


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