Lose Happens RIP Apollo

Well it happened; this morning as we were headed to church there he was under my bedroom window, my precious, faithful, loyal Doberman, Apollo. He was gone! My son had run out to start the car and came in my bathroom to tell me Apollo had died. I couldn't believe it, I mean he had been sick for quite some time, but you are still never ready for it when that dreadful day arrives! He was the family dog, but everyone also knew he was Mom’s dog! I could hear my husband say, go turn off the car we aren’t going anywhere, but I hollered out yes we are, we are going to church! ( if you only knew how hard it has been to get us all to church on Sunday mornings with our new restaurant, you would understand) Then I said I was just going to go out the back door and my husband brought the car to the back so I wouldn’t see Apollo. But I didn’t make it off the porch, I just cried and cried, and cried,……… and with that, he parked the car and we all went inside. God bless my husband and son for going out and digging a grave and burying our/ my precious dog! Whatever would I have done without them??!! Certainly my daughter and I would have had quite a time trying to do what they did this morning! We have seven dogs, Apollo was the only one gotten on purpose and he was here before the other six. He was gotten when our family dog was getting along in years and I knew I wouldn’t want to get a dog after she passed so four or five years prior to her passing we got Apollo, a rescue Doberman. He was HUGE and testy and with 5 children I kept him in my bathroom for weeks until I was sure he would be safe around the kids. He settled down and was a perfect addition to the home! His only flaw was that nose, that very large and long nose that he used as a blind person uses a stick; he had to touch it on you every single time! Drove everyone crazy with that nose! On Sundays it was like he knew, DON’T GO NEAR MAMA in her church clothes! He always just stood still and watched as I would get into the car, every other day I was fair game! Nose on my pants, nose on my jacket, shirt anything and everything, and nose in your behind, oh he drove so many crazy with that nose of his! But LOYAL!!! Like no other! We live on a ranch and the drive is quite long with our house at midway and our restaurant at the end. My trips back and forth are numerous to say the least and he would follow me a 100 times back and forth. I would feel so bad and tell him, STAY!  He wouldn’t, he never had a weight problem needless to say! And on trail rides he went every time in any weather running back and forth with us the whole time! And if the horses would walk or jump over the cattle guard gate and end up in the yard, with one call, Apollo would have them rounded up and out of the yard in minutes! Yes the other dogs try, but none are quite as good and quick as he! Well now it is just six, Sissy our ugly stray that showed upo and wouldn’t leave with a face only a mother could love, and oh how I do! Then there is Darling, she showed up when we were renovating the restaurant. One day my daughter and husband went up to check things out and there she was about 5 weeks only, cold and lonely, so we kept her for my daughter’s sake, with several dogs we surely didn’t need another dog to feed. My husband and I thought maybe she would run away, she was very skidish, but she didn’t I am now happy to say! Then there was a call, my son said a buddy had two Dobermans for free. The mom had a very large litter and there were two left and he wanted them gone. Well my mom had recently passed away and puppies seemed like the perfect distraction to everyday life so George and Gracie became a part of our family! Then there was the horse sale, and on two separate occasions the kids took time walking around and came upon a woman selling Australian Sheppards, each child spent time with her and her dogs separately, so at the end of the day after selling several of her dogs and having two left she promised a dog to each of the kids not knowing they were siblings, if their parents said yes, their dad said yes! I was ready to shoot him! Two more dogs, what was he thinking??! Well there you have it, our family of dogs, all very wonderful and all much loved! RIP Apollo, you fought a good fight and were a well regarded friend.


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