Lose The Weight, Gain Your Life: My Journey On Losing 100 pounds

I DID IT!!!  Well, I built the stationary bike...you know, the one that tells me I'm 6 pounds too heavy to use.  I decided since I don't have a scale to tell if I've lost the required 6 pounds that will prevent me voiding the warranty if I break the bike that I should hop on the silly thing and make it do it's job.

So today was not a trail blazing day for this life changing journey but it was slightly different that my typical day.  I had some wins and some fails but all in all a small change was made and it's a step (albeit a baby step) in the right direction.


  • Cut the soda intake back to 2 for the entire day.  This is a win because my pop intake has been about 4 per day for the past few months.  So while it isn't 0, I will accept cutting down to 2 a win (for now).
  • No snacking between meals. Most days I sneak a string cheese between breakfast and lunch, or something sweet between lunch and dinner.  Not Today!!!
  • Obviously I assembled my workout machine. I even used it for 12 minutes. 12 minutes was enough time to burn 50 calories and pedal 1.5 miles (the temptation to lie to make it sound better is really enticing right now because this is downright embarassing BUT I know lying won't help, besides it's part of what landed me in this position in the first place).
  • Last win of the day: Water.  I drank water as a drink and not just as something to choke down pain reliever with.  Yeah, I have such a problem that I cannot remember the last time I willingly chose to drink water instead of pop, juice, milk, lemonade, or tea. (I'm not a coffee or alcohol drinker).  The doctor suggested part of the stress may be caused by too much caffeine and that I should cut back to 1 cup of a caffeine beverage and the rest should be water.


  • Breakfast was a bacon, egg and cheese croissant with potatoes. I skipped lunch because my job kept me too busy to stop to eat so maybe this balances things a bit? Probably not.  It this kind of crap thinking that will make people gain weight, I'm sure.
  • Taco Tuesday. 'nuff said.
  • Sat on my butt most of the day, partly due to work and traffic, partly due to being exhausted/lazy.

Emotionally, today was rough.  I was angry most of the day.  Does it bother other people as much as it bothers me when friends post on Facebook commentary that completely denogrates your beliefs but when you confront the friend they make a sidebar "oh, that wasn't for you. I meant in general."?   FRUSTRATING!!!  Now I'm upset because it's so late and I have to get up early.  Rinse repeat. The stress resulting from the lack of sleep is somehow culpable for some of this weight gain so I guess that will have to be tackled at some point in this weight loss journey.

See ya tomorrow!!!




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