Lose The Weight, Gain Your Life: My Journey On Losing 100 Pounds D11, D12 & D13

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

I am afraid.  Today is weigh in day.   I admittedly stepped on the scale throughout the week and it was not good.  I didn't gain weight from my original weight but I didn't lose any either.  I just finished today's workout and it's time to go downstairs for my shower/weigh in.  

The past few days I've eaten less than normal and I've added at least 1 fruit/vegetable.  I know I've made a sustainable change by doing this.  I will continue to add fruits/veggies daily.  

One of the habits I'm finding difficult to kick is the addiction to pop (or soda, whichever you prefer to say).  There's something that's ingrained in my psyche that whenever I feel thirst I feel I need a fizzy beverage to quelch this feeling.  Even now that I've completed my workout I feel compelled to reach for a Diet Pepsi (that's what's on hand b/c it was on sale) instead of water.  Water only enters my mind when it's hot and humid outside.  So I need to make this a priority this week.

I've started to plan meals ahead of time for this week.... things like tilapia, baked red potatoes, soup, cereal.  I think planning ahead of time will help me avoid the cramming everything I see in my mouth when I'm hungry.  The trick will be to stick with it.

I can see I may be overthinking this whole food component to losing weight but in my defense, not thinking about it landed me 100 pounds overweight.

I have noticed when I sit down I now feel compelled to do something.  It's not an overwhelming urge but the thought crosses my mind that I should be moving, not sitting. 

One thing I forgot to mention... In my hastiness to keep myself moving I decided to rearrange the furniture in my daughers room, by myself.  I underestimated the weight of the furniture and my body's capability to lift.  I injured my shoulder.  Fortunately, I don't really need my left shoulder to ride the bike.  

I read an article today about how it's virtually impossible to be overweight and vegan.  Ironically, the book I'm reading about the Daniel Diet is also relatively based on a vegan diet. It's going through my head that I may be able to eventually convert to this type of lifestyle.  At this moment I have to get more accustomed to eating fruit/veggies daily.  I'm concerned if I just dive in I won't be able to keep up the lifestyle. 

Here I go!  Doing the thing that scares me today!


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