Lose The Weight, Gain Your Life: My Journey On Losing 100 Pounds week 4

"Then what?!"

This question is one that the Daniel Plan introduced to me this week as something to ask prior to eating a food. 

Last week, you'll recall I was introduced to the new concept of calling processed foods "food like substances" and when I accompanied that with the "then what" question I was able to reduce my food consumption.

I went to eat a few oreos but then it popped in my head that it's not a real food, it's a food like substance. Sure it tastes good but my body won't benefit from eating it, in fact, it would probably hurt my body.  I still wanted to eat the oreos but then I asked myself "then what?"  Then what happens is that I'll be mad at myself for eating a foodlike substance. Then what happens is my body won't feel satisfied and will need to burn more calories to get rid of this crap I put in my mouth.  Then what happens is guilt, unshakeable guilt.  So rather than deal with this bunch of crap I didn't eat the oreos!  WIN!!!

Wins for this week: added fruits/veggies daily.  Added whole grains by eating oatmeal for breakfast instead of breakfast sandwiches.  Added flax seeds to certain foods. I ordered WATER to drink when I went to dinner.

Things to improve: my excercise slacked off a bit this week but I fully intend to get back to the 6-7 times per week of exercise.  I need to add more water to my daily intake.


Weigh day came.... Down to 248!!!  Yay!!! I'm out of the 250's and I'm now within the weight limit use of the bike I've been using.   

I don't know about you guys but I watch football.  I don't get much into the statistics of it but I really enjoy the competition and the excitement of it all.  This week I heard a stat that the one player is 6 ft+ and weighs 230pounds.   On TV this guy looks massive.  So when I think I'm only a measely 5ft 6in and I weigh more than this guy I must look humongous!!!  It's strange because when I look in the mirror it's as though my eyes just overlook the big parts and focuses on the blackheads on my nose, the hairs under my eyebrows that I need to tweez, my legs that need shaved, etc.  I guess I focus on the tinier details to avoid the big picture.

I want to be successful with my career so I've been taking these courses online.  The one I'm working on now is about how to improve your image at work in order to increase your work success.   The class I'm taking, however, makes it very clear that your appearance and how people view you are critical to how successful you will be.  They mentioned when you make changes it should take a few months otherwise a blatant change will be look upon poorly.

Losing 100 pounds over the next year I expect will improve my work image as well as my overall appearance.  One of the things I found interesting is that people are more apt to trust thinner men and women than overweight men and women.  I guess all around it is very beneficial to make these changes.

Overall, I'm going to keep adding fruits/veggies and whole grains because that seems to be working.  I'm going to keep exercising, even if it isn't super intense, because I know my body needs that challenge. I'm going to keep reading this Daniel Plan because it seems very poignant for me (it may not be for everyone so please don't feel like I'm trying to pander)