Lose The Weight, Gain Your Life: My Journey On Losing 100 Pounds week 6

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.- Mark Twain

Know or listen to those who know.- Baltasar Gracian

Two great motivational  phrases for week 6.

I want to admit I haven't been taking this change seriously enough.  I suppose I thought that pounds would just fall off because I made some improvements in my diet and exercise.  Early in the week I had the epiphany that if I'm making this change I need to make sure I'm really on board with it.  I have to be done with the way I was living and truly mean it if I really expect results.  Moments of weakness can't lead to binging that takes 2 weeks to get my body back on track!

Empowered with this newfound strength I reached out to a coworker who is exceedingly healthy. I know I have already asked a coworker to walk with me but to be honest the walking on my lunch break really didn't happen as often as I wanted. So I asked this super healthy coworker for some tips.  To my surprise I not only was offered tips but was offered an accountability/trainer.  

My healthy coworker eats the exact same thing for breakfast Monday through Thursday and allows himself to eat whatever he wants on Friday.  For lunch he eats the exact same thing Monday- Wednesday then changes it up on Thursday.  I don't really know about the dinner time thing but I would assume it's more of the predictable pattern. 

I'm going to refer to the healthy coworker as HC.  This has 2 meanings: healthy coworker and Health Coach.

HC told me he really hates eating the stuff he eats but it's eating that food that keeps him in shape so he does it anyway.  FINALLY!!! That is exactly what I've wanted to hear from a healthy person.  That is sucks and it's a sacrifice but it's worth it.  Really, it is so difficult to believe people when they say "you can eat anything you want and still get the results you want."   BULL.   If I ate the oreos and the cake and the pizza and the alfredo and ... and... and... whatever the heck else I want I'd NEVER get the results I want.

So hearing the truth really helped me because the wool is not being pulled over my eyes.

This week in The Daniel Plan I've learned that I really don't know what a starchy food is.  They explained what is a real food and how to divide up your tray.  Here I thought I'd have to give up all meats, all carbs, all fats.... and anything with flavor.  Fortunately I was dead wrong.  While the meats, carbs, and fats are limited they are not eliminated.  *PHEW*  

So this week I really came a long way with my foods:

I primarily ate veggies and fruits.  Snacks included pretzels and pudding with a spoonful of whip cream. Proteins included egg whites, grilled chicken, shrimp, and steak (yeah valentines day).  I drank less soda and added juices, milk, and even a little bit of water.  

HC checked every day to make sure that I walked by lunch time.  HC also recommended what to get for lunch and checked in to see what lunch selections I made.  (This is the kind of accountability I needed at work).

When I wasn't at work my wonderful husband encouraged me to exercise.  He encouraged me to eat healthy even for my snacks.  Man do I love my husband, 


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