Losing My Leaves Like the Fall Trees

“All the trees are losing their leaves, and not one of them is worried.” ~Donald Miller

Ahhhh…to be a tree! There is so much we could learn from trees. Especially this time of the year as they are losing their leaves. I think about the leaves that I am having to shed in my life right now and this quote met me in that place… slapped me in the face really.

Why can’t we be more graceful in our seasons of life like a tree? Instead of allowing our leaves to fall we hold on to them. Even if those leaves are decaying on our branches…we hold on to them for dear life. Or, if our leaves do fall… sometimes we try to pick them up and stuff them in our pockets… just to hold on a bit longer. Because they don’t serve us anymore those dead leaves just end up crumbling in our pockets.

We must be barren for a while… vulnerable to the elements in order to grow and sprout anew. We must let the old dying leaves go so that new leaves can bud on our branches.

When the season comes for my leaves to begin falling I worry and stress over what the new leaves will look like and feel like on my branches. I am concerned about new leaves ever growing back. I fight the season change. I mourn the loss of each little leaf as it falls. They were a part of me. They defined me.

As my branches lay open and nude and raw in the sun and wind and rain… I feel their loss. I feel their yearning to be full of life again.

Yet, the tree doesn’t scramble for its leaves. The tree doesn’t keep the decaying leaves on its branches. The tree knows that those old leaves aren’t serving it well any longer…so the tree lets them go with such grace. The tree allows each leaf to blow away with the passing wind… waving them a farewell. The tree doesn’t wither in grief for its loss. Nor does it mourn the passing of a season. The tree stands tall and proud with bare branches open wide in the elements as it awaits its next season. 

I will become more like a tree. I will embrace each season as it passes… looking forward to the next. My bare branches are vulnerable, open, nude, and raw. Come leaves… come sit on my branches... even if it is just for one season.


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