Last week I wrote a magical blog.  I did.  I sat for hours.  Told the kids to bugger off and leave me alone.  And they did.  And I did.  I wrote. For hours. I was excited with my finished piece.  I was ecstatic.  I imagined all the comments I would get for this piece. Unlike any others. It was magical.  Did I tell you that?  It really was. MAGICAL.


I pressed ‘preview.’  A screen appeared.  Not the right screen.  This one had words on it.  Not my words.  It read ‘webpage expired’ or some such words. I hardly remember now. I gasped loudly. I froze.  I pressed keys frantically.  I shrieked. Loudly. I pressed more keys.  I shrieked some more.  I took deep breathes.  I tried back arrowing.  I tried…I tried everything I know.

I discovered I know nothing about computers.  Particularly nothing about retrieving data that has been sucked into the vortex of cyberspace.  Nothing about retrieving magical data.


Oh the lines I had.  The ideas.  I almost cried.  I wanted to. Believe me.  I REALLY wanted to.  I still feel nauseous when I think of it. 


But I am moving on.  I am writing again. But alas I have no magic. Only a sick feeling from over here in my word document, as I cut and paste.  And SAVE.

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