Losing A Pet-Never Easy No Matter How Many Times You Go Through It

I fully confess that my spouse and I have been in denial.  We didn't want to take our second youngest greyhound to the vet because we knew what she would find.  But last Thursday, my spouse put Jahber in the car and took him to Dr. Dixon in Clinton, SC.  She has a wonderful reputation with rescued greyhounds and we have been well pleased with previous visits.  This time, however, she had to sorrowfully give us the bad news we had been dreading.  My husband stared at the xray for a long time  while Dr. Dixon ran the urinalysis tests, his long training in healthcare giving him the knowledge of what he was staring at.

The working diagnosis was bone cancer of the left shoulder.  After a long talk, my husband and Dr. Dixon were on the same page, to keep him as comfortable as possible and not subject him to sedating and stretching the joint for another xray.  To not amputate leg and shoulder. To not subject him to the side effects of chemo.  Pain meds and anti-inflammatories to help ease his discomfort.

We've gone through this before, lest you think us heartless.  Our first greyhound, Ernie, had bone cancer in a hind leg and it was the hardest thing I had ever done, to agree to euthanasia.  Our second  grey, Biddie, died in her sleep at the extraordinary age of 17, with no more old age issues than losing her hearing.  We all wish for an easy way out but it doesn't make it easier for those left behind.  A third hound bled out internally on us during the night and we couldn't get him to the vet in time, a gastro-intestinal malignancey was the verdict of the vet who saw him. Two resiscutations very briefly revived him but there was no hope.  We had to let him go.  It was two months before we could face adopting another.

But then, there was Jahber, who I think decided immediately that we were for him, that day at the Meet & Greet.  It is entirely my fault that we didn't adopt him immediately but he did join us soon as my husband went to Columbia, SC to get him.  A more personable and enjoyable personality can never be.  More gentle a soul than our Biddie even, whom I had thought had written the book on benigness (if that isn't a word, it ought to be).

So we will be selfish and keep him as long as we can.  But when the time comes, we will have to find the courage to let him go and hold fast to our belief that he will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge  


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