Losing Sense of Time in the Written Word

My friend, Carolyn, reminded me this weekend that she had missed reading my blogs.  I guess I hadn’t thought about it much because I have been knee deep in the process of moving and working on my book. Somehow, I had let time slip away.  From my perception, I had written only yesterday. 

I like writing my blogs because as I write, in an odd sort of way, I process through the doldrums of life.  It is different type of feeling when I am working on my book.  I love doing both but each is different and like a dot that dots the ‘I’ and a line that crosses the ‘T’, it adds to my life another piece of fulfillment.   

I can tell you that when I am in place of disarray or in a place of feeling lost, I find that I stop working on my book and stop writing blogs.  Of course, I always see it in retrospect.  I lose off sense of time when I find myself in that altered state or space of creativity, especially when I am working on my book.  Speaking of my book, I thought I’d share a small portion of my book. 

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 5…  It is a conversation between 70 year old Luke and his sister, 75 year old Lillith.   I loved writing it and even though I hope you enjoy it, it is okay if you don’t. <insert smile here>

Luke and Lillith

“We were your co-conspirators in crime, Lukey.  When you think about it, it is right up there next to pathetic since you were 10 and we were 15.  Of course, we were smart enough to stay out of the wolf’s den.  Although, I have to fess up, we both knew that it wasn’t likely that you found the cub just wandering around River Rock Ranch.”  Lillith found her spirits lifting as she remembered.  Luke was right, the time would come when there would be less sadness cloaking the memories. 

Lillith and Luke sat quietly in the warmth of the den.  The fire in the river rock fireplace gave some sort of warm peacefulness to the room.  It seemed to envelope the area in a way that softened the present state of sadness. 

“I think I’ll stay over, Lil.  I don’t have any patients until Tuesday.  I took a few days off to get things in order.  Do you mind?”  He asked as he looked at his sister.

Their eyes met and Lillith replied softly, “I would welcome your company, Lukey.  Besides, you need my help with the more delicate matters.  I know you think it is all on your shoulders but it is a load we will both share.  I’m not 15 anymore.”

“No you are not, Lil.  Thank you.  I don’t know what to say?”

“After all these years, we really don’t need words, do we? 

“No, we don’t. More wine, Sis?”  Luke held up the carafe as he moved quietly across the den.  She held up her glass and as Luke filled it, he stated, “We need to talk about the girls and Morghan’s will. 

I have to tell you all that these characters have been dancing around in my head for years. I so enjoy their company and love telling their stories.  Maybe this will be a best seller or maybe not.  It doesn’t matter because I am writing it for myself.  AND it is so much fun! 

Susan Banner Todd