Losing Two - Kim Tiderman's Story

I wrestled with whether or not to write this particular post. The only reason I've moved forward, I've decided, is because the BlogHer community is so much larger than our blog community in Oklahoma. I thought this would perhaps be helpful to someone.

I'm not sure...so I'm posting this under "grief" and just letting the post fall where it may in terms of potential readers.

Four years ago I received a call from my parents.  They asked me, "Has Drew called you about Kim's family?"  I had no idea what they were talking about and had to ask what he meant.  Evidently, my daughter's boyfriend at the time (he's now my son-in-law) had an uncle and nephew who were killed in a car accident by a drunk driver and they were sharing the news.

Well, Drew was at our house and I wasn't sure what to do.  I thought perhaps his parents would want to be the one to tell him instead of me.  So I called his mother.  Unfortunately, she had not heard the news.  My father was an elder in Kim's church and he received the news so quickly the family hadn't been notified yet. Ugh...this was so hard. 

I spent about 15 minutes on the phone with her as she dealt with the news, then she asked me to tell Drew so she could go be with her sister-in-law.  So, I then told him.  I really, really hated doing that.  I don't know how chaplains and police officers do this work every day.

It was an extremely difficult time that rocked Kim's family and the whole community.  And my daughter, who had been dating Drew for four years at the time, was "part of the family section" as the double funerals were held on the twelth birthday of the child who was killed.

It's been four years since that wreck, and Kim recently told her story on a religious TV station.  I thought she did a good job, and I thought that if someone had recently experienced a tragedy, it might be helpful to share something of this story.  I'm not sure.  I still don't know as I'm writing this.  But I'm sharing it - just in case it is.

And, if you are one of those who needs to hear this story because you've endured a great loss, then I'm really sorry about that too.



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