Loss of memory after having kids...

Where do I begin? I think the biggest thing I am struggling with right now after having kids is my memory! I think it gets worse the more kids you have. Hannah was my 3rd pregnancy and after her my short term memory has disappeared. I remember things that happened a long time ago, but can't seem to remember anything recent. I forget birthday parties, handing in forms for the kids for school, and what I needed from the store. I will go downstairs to get meat out of the freezer and end up switching laundry over then going back upstairs! How horrible is that? Then I go to make supper and there's no meat defrosted :S I feel like its getting worse and I don't know what to do. Will it ever come back? Even my kids notice my memory is bad! Keenan (6) tells me something and then says "put it in your brain mommy so you will remember." So what CAN we do to get our memory back??? I know there are a lot of other moms dealing with the same thing. What do you do? Here are some ideas for you to try and I am going to try them too! 1. Seek Treatment for Depression Anything that causes major stress in life, including anxiety or anger, will eventually eat away at the parts of the brain that are responsible for memory. Depression is often misidentified as a memory problem since one of the main symptoms of the condition is an inability to concentrate. If you can't concentrate on the information needed to complete a task on the job, then you may feel as if you're constantly forgetting things. As it is, you're not even able to concentrate long enough to learn them in the first place. One study showed that people who had been depressed, even if it was years ago, had suffered a 12 to 15 percent loss in the hippocampus. Since the hippocampus is the clearing center for short-term memory, prolonged depression demolishes the brain's ability to remember anything new. Additionally, depression affects the types of things a person is able to remember. While everyone's brain is selective about which memories make it into long-term storage, people with depression seem only able to retain negative memories. That means there's a neurological reason why a person with depression remains obsessed with the one time a loved one forgot a birthday or anniversary, even if it was remembered every other year. But happy memories needn't be lost forever to someone battling depression. Medications for depression have been shown to jump-start the process of cell regeneration in the hippocampus. 2. Pay attention Sometimes we can't remember things because we never got the information into the memory bank to begin with. Try to stay in the present and really pay attention to the task at hand, whether it's learning new information from your child's teacher, or listening to your hubby when he is telling you something. Minimize distractions such as music, television or cell phones to focus fully. One way to stay mindful of even the smallest actions is to repeat aloud what you're doing; as you take off your eyeglasses, say aloud "I am putting my keys on the kitchen counter." While talking to yourself may feel awkward, you'll be grateful to find your keys easily later. 3. Get moving Exercise not only exercises the body, it exercises the brain as well. Without regular exercise, plaque builds up in the arteries and blood vessels lose the ability to pump blood effectively. While you may know how plaque buildup leads to heart attacks, you may not think about the way your brain is gasping for breath as well. The brain depends on energy received through a constant intake of oxygen and nutrients from the bloodstream, and when those nutrients don't arrive, the brain's ability to work is compromised. So to keep the blood moving to the brain, get moving! Take the kids for a walk, go swimming, or turn on the tunes and dance with them. I always have my music on and the kids really enjoy dancing :) I also use the Xbox Kinnect to keep moving. We play just dance, and any of the sports games can really get that heart rate up. 4. Lumosity Visit http://www.lumosity.com and check it out! I haven't tried it yet but I am going to. You can start for free and see if it is right for you. The feedback I have heard has been very positive so I am going to try it out. Right now, I will try ANYTHING to help my memory situation. 5. Vitamins and Suppliments I have a blend of Ginko, Ginseng, and Bacomind that I am going to try again. I didn't like the taste before but I am ready to try harder! This blend is supposed to help with memory and cognitive function. I am also taking a multiple vitamin for woman and omegas. Here is a website I found with a list of different vitamins that can help with memory! http://www.memory-improvement-tips.com/vitamins-for-memory.html I hope this help you! I will update soon with my progress :D

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