Dearest little bean,


We couldn't find your brother today.


No, not Brennan. Brennan is 15 and knows his way home, at least...we think he does...


Your kitty brother, Albert Edward Cat. When Brennan left for school, he must not have pulled the door shut tight, which happens if you're not careful about it, so we have to double check when we leave. I woke up, took a shower, got dressed, went in the kitchen to grab something and noticed the front door was wide open...and Albert, the curious little shit...was GONE!


Your mama was FREAKING out! She looked nuts. I was a crazy pregnant lady (in a tank top, in 30 degrees, no less) running around outside calling for him. He's snuck out before, but never goes far, and will generally come when you call out for him. Not today.


I'm sure you heard me calling some strange names, because, well, mama has a nickname habit. So most of the time he answers to ridiculous things like "Mr. Kitten Man," "Albie kitten," and other such nonsense. So imagine your prego mama, well you can imagine most of it, since you were there, but try to picture a crazed woman in a tank top screaming out these nonsense names. The neighbors were likely simultaneous calling the nearest insane asylum.


I woke your dad up in a frenzy, and he got in his truck and drove down the street to search for him. Meanwhile, sweet sister Roxy Toodles (more ridiculous cat names), sat patiently inside. She never set paw out there once. Like a good little princess. Both your dad and I were sure he disappeared into the trees, never to return. Your dad abruptly stopped two doors down from us, and there he was, huddled into a tiny corner by the neighbor's front door, meowing pathetically. I told him I was glad I found him, but that he was an idiot! And that he needs to remember how good he has it and not go running off out of curiosity!! All of the front doors in our neighborhood (townhouses) look the same, so the cat with no survival skills just finds the nearest door, usually not ours, but somehow couldn't bring himself to walk two doors back while his mama cried and called his name.


Anyhoo, your mama recovered from the panic, and all was right in the world. So...sorry for jostling you around this morning, running frantically across lawns...but I'd be absolutely devastated if my kitty went missing!


Mama's goal in life is turn you into a crazy cat person also, despite your father's wishes.


We love cats around here.


Not much else happening lately, except that I can feel your tiny movements more often now, and it's pretty cool. A strange feeling, but still cool...I hope you're practicing your best tiny dancer moves. I've given you lots of practice sessions, with as much as I've been listening to Destiny's Child classics...


...you may come out yelling, "I don't think you're ready for this jelly!"


Only 4 weeks until you're no longer "it."




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