Lost and Found It

If there is one thing that drives me crazy about being a mother it is picking up after everyone.  And I mean everyone.  My husband. The kids. The dog. And oh yes, me.  

But as I'm sure you'll agree, kids are the most frequent offender.  Not a day goes by that I'm not picking up school papers, lunch boxes, sweatshirts, purses, shoes and in our house, socks (you know who you are!) that have been left throughout the house.  

Should I pick them up and return them to the room of the rightful owner (I don't put them away just ceremoniously dump them on their respective desks!)? Or should I keep reminding them over and over (okay yelling at them) to retrieve their carelessly strewn items? 

Either way I'm annoyed, so I've found a new way to deal with my kids scattered mess --  a lost and found bin.

I've set up a home lost and found bin just off the kitchen (the main dumping ground), just like the kids have at school, where I dump their left behind items.  No reminding, no schlepping, just a quick drop in the basket and it's gone. 

I use a pretty wicker basket for our lost and found bin but you can use whatever container fits in with your decor.  Just make sure it has a lid so you don't have to see the mess!  

Now when my kids can't find their iPod cord, their favorite sweatshirt or whatever it is they are missing, they know where to look.  But they have been forewarned.  Just like at school, every so often I announce it's the last day for lost and found -- everything left behind will be going to charity.  

As the saying going goes, use it or lose it!


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