Lost and Found Pattern

The last time I blogged about an item going lost and being found again, it was in reference to my husband losing his wedding ring at a dog park, only to find it again the next day.

So I guess you (as readers of the Clueless Newlywed Blog)
won't be too surprised when I tell you that this Lost and Found post
has to do with my husband losing something. Strike that...This post has
to do with the bad habit my husband has formed of losing things and
then blaming me when I'm the one who locates the missing items again.

Let's go down the list of repeat offenses that occurred just this past week, shall we?

Exhibit A: My husband has about a gazillion flash
drives that he carries on him at all times. (He's a music fanatic,
graphics artist apprentice, techie-nerd. So carrying multiple flash
drives comes with the territory.) The problem with him
carrying these flash drives is that he loses them all the time, which
turns into a repetitive conversation that we have about once a week:

Hubby: Hon, have you seen my flash drive?

Wifey: (Puts the book down that she's reading.) Which one?

Hubby: The black one.

Wifey: Did you check your coat pockets? (Goes back to reading her book.)

Hubby: I thought I did, but I'll check it again. (Rummages
through his coat pockets for the first time.) Yeah! I found it! Thanks!

Wifey: Yup.

Exibit B: As many of you know, my husband and I took a trip to Colorado two weeks ago to visit my parents and go snowboarding.
Of course, my husband had to load up his carry-on with the following
necessary equipment: an HD video camcorder, a clunky 12 mega-pixel
digital camera, and our outdated, 15-pound lap top. Of course he also
had to shove in a helluva lot of cables, wires, cases and battery packs
as well to make sure all of the electronic gadgets would perform at
their optimal level at all times during our vacation.

Low and behold, the day after we got back from vacation, my mother
called me and asked if we left our camera charger at her house, which
prompted a call from me to my husband:

Wifey: Did you leave the camera charger at my mom's house?

Hubby: (Excitedly) She found it?!?! I emptied out my whole
suitcase and yours, and I've been searching all around the house
looking for that! You must have forgotten to pack it.

Wifey: I forgot it? I think you mean you forgot it.

Hubby: (Half-listening) Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Tell her to mail it, please.

Exhibit C: Moving on to his lost guitar book...I received an email from my husband yesterday entitled, You Owe Me,
in which my husband (convinced that I had thrown out his guitar book
because heaven forbid, he lost something again) informed me that I owed
him a new Fretboard Logic book
to replace his lost one. Of course, I didn't respond to his email, and
as soon as we got home that I night, I did a little look-around myself.
Guess what I found within 5 minutes? Yeah, the conversation last night
went something like this:

Wifey: Honey, is this the book you've been looking for?

Hubby: Where did you find that?!?! I looked everywhere for it!

Wifey: It was in your closet on your shelf.

Hubby: (Pausing slightly) You must have put it in my closet and not told me.

I could go through the whole alphabet of exhibits to prove my point,
but I'm pretty sure the first three exhibits above already did that.


NOTE: This is cross-posted on the Clueless Newlywed Blog.


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