"Lost" Ends Tonight. What Are We All Going to Do?

I can't believe it's finally here. The 2.5-hour series finale of Lost. Tonight.

I am so overwhelmed that I'm didn't even consider going to a finale party. Tonight, I'm planted right here with my finger hovering over the remote, poised to pause for processing and ranting and GETTING MY MIND BLOWN.

Are you as excited as I am? What do you really, really want to see? Me, I want everyone who's ever died or left to come back (especially Taller Ghost Walt ... and Sun and Jin), and for Hurley and Libby to be joint caretakers of the Island. And they just better tell us what's up with the polar bear, the statue, the temple, the guardian of the island, the pregnant women, and the numbers. Think it will happen?

And Charlie. I am a huge Drive Shaft fan and can't wait to hear "You All, Everybody" at Daniel Faraday's classical/rock concert, where I think EVERYTHING is going to go down. Probably the combination of the two genres is a clue to the clash of the two realities in the series finale. (Because everything for the past six seasons has been a clue to the series finale. What the hell is my brain going to do now -- sudoku?)

Stay tuned for BlogHer Contributing Editor Megan's take on the finale -- and meanwhile, take a peek at her predictions and questions.

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