Lost Men Over 40 !!

Trying to date a man over 40 these days has become like traveling back to High School with knowing something now you did not know then,, and they DO NOT KNOW NOW!!  

The recently Divorced 40 ish male... well he thinks that he has now landed upon Disney World and all rides are free. He has no clue that his all of a sudden fame & interest from younger chics in the bar, whom just happen to be making  eye contact with only him tonight, and want to go home with him.. well they all just happen to be there this one night & he's so lucky that this memorable experience  of emptying his bank account can happen again next week end with yet another 20* yr old.  This espisode can last for up to 2 years after the DIVORCE before he finally wakes up broke, has obtained a life long STD & decides to find some older woman with a brain to help resuce his pittiful azz.

The Single 40 ish male that has never been married... but has kids.... He's still stuck in the 80's... he thinks that his one bed room condo with the 47 inch flatt screen & the fish aquarium with black light is the bachleor version of LIFE.  His kids see him every other wk/end & eat dinner @ McDonalds while he send you, she, & her text messages as his kids scream for his attention. His child support may be paid, if he's consistently employed.. the baby-mama does not  pose a threat to you unless she can figure out what car you drive as there are always so many different makes & models outside his parking lot.

Whom were these men married to ? How ere they ever married at all ? Is this not the reason they are no longer married ? What are we as women settling for after 40 ?



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