Lost: My Bliss. Reward if found.

I lost my bliss somewhere. Not sure where it went. But it's gone. Have you seen it? Last spotted... Oh, I don't even remember where I last saw it.

I'm feeling lost. I'm back at work and everything is great. I've kind of got a handle on what needs to happen to get/keep our finances in check. Kids are great, hubs is great, both sides of the family are great. But I'm not feeling great. I feel like I'm missing something inside me, that passion for... I don't know... something. I feel like I've lost my bliss and I'm not sure how that happened.

I've always been passionate about something at one point in time or another. Something that holds my interest, something that I feel interested in. something to look forward to every day. Be it a book or a movie or a tv show or a video game or a hobby or whatever. I'm just not feeling particularly interested in any of these things these days.

I've lost my passion. I feel lost. I feel like I'm being stretched in so many directions that I've lost focus on whatever it was that was keeping me happy. You know, that thing in your life that you feel like you're an expert in. Like if anyone asked you a question about that thing you could talk for hours and hours because you KNEW that you KNOW that thing? I've lost that spark. That THING. I feel like I don't have my bliss anymore. That I've somehow lost it in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

I feel lost.

I lost my bliss.



PreshusMe is mom to two squishable little boys and is looking for some clarity and direction in life. Know where she can find some?

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