Lost In My Marriage

I just don't know anymore...don't know who I am or what to do...


We've been together for over 25yrs, have 2 kids (late teens, early 20's) and have pretty much reached what I think is the end of our marriage.

I've tried everything I know to keep it together but it's just not happening. We go places together, can sit in the same room toghether for hours and don't speak a word. 

My husband has had to move around a lot for his career and I've always followed but I think this time it was a huge mistake. I think I should have stayed behind and not made the move this time. I had a life where we were and even though we are back to the area we started in I don't feel like I belong. I am not me and don't really know who me is...I don't know what to do anymore. Need help!!!


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