Lost my voice

Lost my voice

it with shocking news yesterday, I lost my writing voice.

The only thing consistently working is the delete key.

I write, delete, write, delete....sit - stare - nothing. 

Mainly, I am desperately trying to process the sudden accidental death of a girlfriend....but at the same time grappling with a head-full of thoughts, all the who, what, why, when, where and how questions that flood in after a shock. Who am I?, What am I doing? Why!?  and so on.... 

Without going into too many details, (for both the sake of readers who knew her, and for those who didn't) this sweet emotional powerhouse of a woman left the earth too early, leaving so much undone. We have a shared history that goes back two decades, a friendship that ebbed and flowed like family and a connection that -often scared me into hiding....

the rest of the story...

Sylvie Branch

freelance writer, artist, educator

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