"Lost" Recap: "Confirmed Dead" (2/7/08)

This episode was all about the new characters in the land of the Losties.  Naomi was backed up by a Fearless Foursome who came to the island to supposedly rescue the survivors of Oceanic 815, but as we find out in this episode, that wasn't their only mission.

We start in a flashback with a shot from a camera on a remote controlled submarine, on the ocean floor, off the coast of Bali.  The controllers are searching for gold doubloons or something when they come upon "the wreckage of Oceanic 815."  A "wreckage" that's complete with bodies.

The sub controllers are stunned and before you know it, the news is flashing on television sets and newspaper front pages around the world.   Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies), is watching a television report about the finding of the "wreckage" and inexplicably crying.  When his wife asks him why, he says he doesn't know why.  I sense a nut job in the making.  And considering Davies played Charles Manson in a TV movie a few years ago, he's running true to form.

Flash forward to present day when Daniel's helicopter is about to crash in a heavy rainstorm.  There's confusion and everybody's yelling and basically Daniel is shoved out of the copter.  Luckily he has a parachute and lands safely on the ground.  We then find out that this is Daniel's point of view of the scene right before Jack and Kate run out of the jungle to meet him.  Before they get there, he removes a gun from his pack and puts it in the back of his pants. 

"Are you Jack?"

"Yeah, I'm Jack.  Who are you?"

"I'm Daniel Farady.  I'm here to rescue you."

Opening credits.

Daniel, Jack and Kate are walking through the jungle and Daniel appears to be looking for something. Daniel uses Naomi's SAT phone to call the freighter out at sea. When Daniel turns around to speak to George on the boat, Jack notices Daniel's gun. Finished with his phone call, Daniel explains the helicopter was struck by lightening and he and his comrades had to parachute out. They can find each other via a transponder they all carry.

Meanwhile, back at Locke's March of the Hiding Losties, it's daylight and Locke himself is communing with the island. It's pouring rain and he has his face turned up to the sky to receive it. Just as Hurley tells him, yo Dude, aren't you smart enough to come in out of the rain, Locke says the rain is about to stop. And then it does. Gotta love that Locke. He lives and breathes island weather.

As the other Losties walk along there's a reappearance of doggie Vincent. Ah, Vincent. He always makes me think of Walt and how tall he is now and how he had to go off on that boat with his murdering father, Michael. Anyway, Locke says he wants to make a detour to a cabin. When Hurley says the cabin is in the other way, both Locke and Ben look at him strangely like he's not supposed to know where the cabin is at all. Hurley catching the vibe, says of course he meant the plane cabin.

Sawyer's not loving the idea of a detour and asks Locke, "Who you getting your orders from "Colonel Kurtz?" Heh.

"I got them from Walt," says Locke. All righty then.

Locke explains that a taller, and older Walt saved his life after Ben shot him. Then he told Locke to stop Naomi from bringing her people to the island. Sawyer doesn't believe Ben shot Locke until Locke shows him the bullet holes where the bullet passed through his body. "I'd be dead if I still had a kidney there."

At the beach, Sayid and Juliet are talking. After deciding Ben may not have been lying when he said the "rescuers" might want to do them harm, they go for the guns.

In the jungle, Jack and Kate find a banged up metal case with gas masks. When they question Daniel, he gets very nervous and says he didn't pack the cases. Jack then asks Daniel what he needs the gun for. Daniel, not the sharpest tool in the shed decides to tell the truth and says rescuing the Losties was not the Fearless Foursome's main objective. At that moment a transponder signal comes in and they go in search of the source. They end up near the water and a guy with a parachute lying motionless on the rocks. When Jack turns him over, the Asian guy (Ken Leung) lying there pulls a gun on Jack and demands to know where Naomi is.

We flashback to Inglewood, California. The Asian guy whose name is Miles pulls up outside a suburban house. On the radio they're talking about the discovery of Oceanic 815 and how all 324 passengers were killed in the crash. Miles goes into what turns out to be Mrs. Gardner's house. Her grandson was murdered and Miles is charging her $200 cash to clear the house of the kid's ghost.


Miles tells Grandma to stay downstairs and goes to the kid's room. He turns on what looks like a small vacuum cleaner and then talks to the dead kid. When he asks the kid where "it" is, there's a noise and Miles finds drugs and a load of cash in the wall behind a bookcase. He leaves the drugs, takes the cash and then tells the ghost he can leave. He goes down and tells Grandma the job is done. Then out a small tinge of guilt he gives her $100 back. She thanks him, hugs him and he's more than a little uncomfortable.

Okay, now I'm confused. The ghost can leave now that he told the stranger where his drug money was? Was the ghost feeling guilty? Then why didn't he insist that Grandma get the money? Like so many things, maybe we'll learn the answers to those questions in future episodes.

Flash forward to Miles, Jack, Kate and Daniel at the beach. It seems Naomi didn't have a sister to "tell her I love her." That was code for, I'm in deep doo doo and about to die and if you find the people who did this to me, take my revenge. So, Kate tells Miles the truth and then Miles insists on being taken to her body.

Locke and the other Losties are getting water near a creek. Ben tries to talk to Alex, but Carl tells Mr. Linus to shut up. When Ben snaps, "Carl, now if you're going to sleep with my daughter, I insist you call me Ben," Carl goes all Rambo until Sawyer breaks it up.

Ben then turns his mind games on Sawyer. How he's a big shot on the island but back in the real world, no way Kate will want a low life like him with a nice, hunky, fine, upstanding surgeon around to comfort her.

Sawyer's ready to put a bullet in Ben right then, but Locke insists they keep him alive. Sawyer agrees but warns Locke that Ben has probably already figured out how he's going to get the best of them.

Back in the jungle Daniel's acting all spacey while Kate's trying to convince him to put his gun away, but Jack tells her to cool it, before giving her a wink. Miles is having a little conversation with Dead Naomi and when he's done he tells Jack and Kate he knows they're telling the truth about how she died.

Just then a transponder signal comes in from Charlotte, so Miles wants to go find her. Jack's like, no way, my friend. We have people in the jungle pointing guns at your heads so you better put your guns down. Miles says, "How stupid do you think I..." when Sayid and Juliet start firing warning shots.

Immediately Miles and Daniel drop their guns and Jack says, "I don't know Miles, how stupid are you?" See now that's why Jack is the leader. Good one liners like that one.

Flashback to the Tunisian desert and we're with Aussie Charlotte (Rebecca Mader) at an archaeological dig. She reads the headline on Le Journal de Tunisie about the discovery of Oceanic 815. It seems Charlotte can barely believe it's true.

Charlotte then bribes an official to let her have access to the dig where she finds the bones of a...wait for it...polar bear! She digs around it a little more and conveniently finds a polar bear collar with "Dharma" written on it and an insignia for one of the hatches. And she smiles.

I don't know which hatch the insignia is from, but the design looked somewhat like an octopus.

Flash forward to the island and Charlotte hanging upside down in her parachute from a tree. Since she's over a lagoon, she cuts herself down and splashes into the water. When she comes out she's surrounded by Locke and his merry band of Losties.

Cut to Sayid and Juliet explaining to Jack and Kate that they tracked them from the cockpit of the plane. Retreating to form Sayid starts interrogating Miles and Daniel on their trek I'm assuming, back to the beach. While Daniel spills that he's a physicist, Miles is like, don't answer any of their questions, stupid.

Charlotte and Locke's Losties are playing cat and mouse as well. She asks questions and the Losties try not to give her answers. Charlotte explains about the transponder and how they can be found with it, but Locke's like, we don't want to be found, and by the way, you're coming with us.

Sayid has the SAT phone and gets a Charlotte signal that's moving very fast in their direction. It's all tense and action packed with them running through the jungle to the signal, when out of the underbrush comes...Vincent. He's wearing Charlotte's transponder on his collar.

Jack correctly deduces, "Locke's got her."

Flashback to a shot of a toy plane falling to the bottom of an aquarium. We're in the Bahamas with Frank Lapidus (Jeff Fahey). He's watching TV as video of the "wreckage" of Oceanic 815 is shown. And sensitive TV people that they are, they're actually zooming in on the supposed dead body of the pilot, Seth Norris.

Now we all know that Captain Seth isn't at the bottom of the ocean. He's still up in a tree on the island where the monster left him in the pilot episode. Well it seems Frank knows this too. He calls the airline's 800 number and tells them that's not Captain Seth because Captain Seth always wore his wedding ring and that corpse doesn't have one. When the person on the phone understandably asks, how the heck would you know, Frank replies, "Because I was supposed to be flying Oceanic 815 that day."

Dun, dun, duuuuunnnnnn!

Flash forward to Captain Frank climbing out of a ravine on the island. As he reaches the top, he sees a cow and it moos in his face. Heh. He's got a nasty cut on his forehead and his phone is broken so he shoots off a flare gun.

Locke and his Losties see it and Charlotte pipes up that it must be one of her team. She then tries to guilt the Losties by saying how the Fearless Foursome risked their lives to rescue them and the only reason they are there is because the Losties called for help, blah, blah, blah, and we all know she's lying. All of a sudden, in the middle of her tirade, Ben shoots her right in the chest.

Who was sleeping on the job and let him get a gun? Come on people. This is your arch nemesis. You gotta do better than that.

Anyway, Charlotte's on the ground and when Locke goes to see how she is, she looks dead. Then her eyes pop open and it turns out she was wearing a bullet proof vest.

Cut to Jack and Kate waking up Frank. They ask him where Charlotte is, but he doesn't know. When they ask where the chopper is, he does know. He was actually able to land it and it's right over that ridge over there. Jack, Sayid, Kate and Juliet look over the ridge and sure enough there's a living, breathing, working helicopter.

How long do you think that's gonna last?

Flashback to a "Mission Impossible" style scene where Creepy Matthew from last week is showing Naomi pictures of her Fearless Foursome. She protests having to babysit "a head case, a ghostbuster, an anthropologist, and a drunk." Heh.

She then asks Creepy Matthew, "What if we find survivors from 815?" He says there are no survivors from 815. She says she knows that but, what if we find survivors from 815? He insists there were no survivors from Oceanic 815. Just do your job, get your team in and out, and don't let anybody get killed. Can you do that? She says, "Sure, why not?"

Cut to Dead Naomi on a stretcher. Daniel and Kate are carrying her to helicopter. Sayid's been checking out the chopper and says it will fly.

Miles and Jack get into a tug of war over the SAT phone until Miles agrees to tell Jack why they're there if he lets him use the phone. Jack agrees, but Miles can't talk to who he wants because he's told the guy is in a meeting.

Juliet is tending to Frank's cuts when he figures out she was never on the plane. He yells to Miles that Juliet's a native and Miles yells at her, "Where is he?"

Everybody's like, who? Miles pulls out a picture of a nerdy looking Ben and shouts, "Benjamin Linus. Now where is he?"

Cut to Sawyer with a gun to Ben's head. Charlotte isn't dead but is much less personable. Sawyer's like, see Locke, told ya so. We should have killed him. Locke's like, James, when you're right, you're right. He takes the gun from Sawyer and puts it to Ben's head.

Ben's like, you don't want to kill me because I have answers.

Wondering what kind of answers, Locke asks, "What is the monster?"

Ben says he doesn't know.

Locke gets pissy at that and is about to pull the trigger when Ben changes the subject and recites chapter and verse on the life of one Charlotte Lewis. Right down to her brand of underwear. Ben then says, John was right. These "rescuers" are a threat.

Sawyer: "What do they want?"

Ben: "Me James. They want me."

Locke: "How do you know all this?"

Ben, always the man to save the best for last answers, "Because I have a man on their boat."


All righty then.

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