Louder Than Words

We've all heard the expression: "Actions speak louder than words." I've
always believed this. You can tell someone you love them time and time
again, but unless your actions prove it, your words are wasted.

In my study of the craft, I realized that the same is true for our characters.

dialogue is a great way to reveal character, actions will always come
first at showing the reader who the character is. This makes the
interplay between dialogue and action extremely important in writing
our characters.

Want to show a character who is devious and untrustworthy? Then show the discrepancy between his words and actions.

the hero to demonstrate his love toward the heroine? Show it through
his actions. Have him do something he would normally never do to prove
his love.

When it comes to our characters, their actions will always speak louder than words.

(More articles on writing fiction at http://wordvessel.blogspot.com.)


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