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My Old Country House

     The first really negative comment on your blog stings... like that first scratch on a new car or when you bump your newborn baby's head, Mine hit me hard. It was a response (anonymous of course) to a heartfelt post where I had poured my heart out...describing an incident when I arrived late to a Birthday party that my 11 year old son was attending, and they had left him (like they drove 20 miles away to a baseball game). 

     I consulted a friend with a very successul blog and she gave me some invaluable advice. Do everything with Love. It changed my whole way of thinking, or maybe it took me back to a kinder gentler time. When life was not quite so complicated and my actions  and mistakes did have the potential to hurt the people I love the most.

I went back and I wrote anew post "WITH LOVE"  in 10 minutes because the entire thing came straight from my heart.