LOVE IS......

      If I was to ask you WHAT IS LOVE, so many people would give a thousand different responses. Is it an emotion, an action, something temporary, or is it just that "THING" THAT EVERYBODY AROUND THE WORLD SEARCHES FOR HOPING TO GET. WHAT IS LOVE REALLY?

      We have read or heard "Love is patient. Love is kind. Love patiently accepts all things, trust, hopes, and endures all things." ALL OF THIS IS SO TRUE. YOU WILL ALSO DISCOVER OTHER ATTRIBUTES ABOUT LOVE, THE MORE YOU LEARN WHAT IT REALLY MEANS.

       Love is an ACTION---meaning doing, giving, and serving. You can say EMOTION because you "feel it" but emotions change constantly. Kind, patient, sacrifice, trust, etc. are all ACTION words that describe what love is. Love is more than an excitement or a thrill! The thrill could be gone but LOVE keeps you holding on.

        LOVE DOES NOT RUN OUT QUICKLY. Because it's such a strong thing, IT KEEPS YOU HOLDING ON EVEN WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE GIVING UP. As frustrating as it can be at times when you love someone and they go astray or is on a different page, you sometimes feel like giving up or even calling it quits. LOVE KEEPS YOU GOING! LOVE CONQUERS ALL AND NEVER FAILS.  The truth is, WE LOST THE REAL MEANING OF LOVE! "I love you" is abused and used so loosely. We are quick to say it and quick to jump into love that we don't really know or want to take time to find out what love truly means. True love possesses the ability to see beyond.

         So, before you say "I love you", understand the true meaning of what love is. It's such a strong and beautiful thing. We all want love and there is plenty to go around. ONCE YOU TRULY UNDERSTAND IT, you will find yourself loving harder with good intentions.

                                                                                                       Rae Amor

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