Love In Action

Today my husband and I along with my 8 year old son decided to go for an early morning walk. Its been a really harsh winter where I live. So we were excited that it has finally warmed up enough to go out and do some outdoor walking. Instead of walking on a treadmill which can be boring sometimes. 


There's still a lot of snow and ice along our neighborhood sidewalks so we had to walk in the bike lane along the street. While the three of us were walking in the bike lane a car pulled along side of us with an elderly woman driving asking us if we needed a ride. My husband and I were in shock! We both declined the loving  gesture and the elderly woman drove away but not before saying God bless you to the both of us. As she was passing we noticed her sticker decal on the car which read "GOD GM." 


We both thought what does that stand for "GOD GM" and the only thing we could come up with was "God is the General Manager" Maybe?? But what stood out was the fact that she showed Love. She stopped without fear or hesitation offering a ride to complete strangers. 


Could we do such a loving and caring thing without fear or hesitation? I don't mean offering a ride to strangers...I mean showing Love to others. This experience has only confirmed my quest for showing "Love" which is the commandment Jesus requires us to do "Love your neighbor as yourself."  Matthew 22:35-41.

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