Love is in the Air....

Yes, Cupid is out in full force today!


I have to admit something to you here.....I have not always been a fan of this holiday.  Holiday is a loose term.  I mean, 1 day where you are supposed to Love someone, tell them and seal it with a kiss? Puh-Leeze!  But since I have had kids I have tried to make each and every Valentines Day special for them and every year I do something different.  Heart shaped sandwiches, heart pancakes.. even Heart Shaped Cranberry Shortbread Cookies !


And shame on me for being a Valentines Day Scrooge! I mean, my husband DID propose to me on this day 16 years ago. You would think that for that reason alone I would hold this day in high regard.  Alas, he is not sentimental, at ALL, so I am usually the one to remind him that on this day, he asked me to be his wife.


So this morning I am making pink heart-shaped pancakes and after dinner tonight we will be feasting on this decadent chocolate cake.  This fudgy dream is my go-to special occasion dessert.  I have talked about it a million times and HERE is my post for it.  (Click HERE for the recipe)  This time , to be fancy and festive, I used 2 small heart-shaped cake pans instead of 1 9 inch round one.  I also added a bit of the dreaded 'food coloring' to the finished batter to make it red.  Before you go all a twitter about me using food coloring let me assure you it was all natural and plant based.  It costs a carazy amount per drop it seems, but I feel pretty good about eating it :)


So I hope you enjoy this day, no matter if you have a Sweetie or not.  Drop me a line if you want to vent about this 'Holiday' or if you have a special romantic story to share with the class.  I would love to hear it!


Thank you for coming by today and taking a minute to read my post :) I appreciate YOU!



Happy Valentines Day !!




Heather Tallman

Newspaper Columnist, Food Writer and creator of

Basilmomma: A Busy Mom That Likes to Cook


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